Israeli consulate implicated in blackmail against a sitting US Congressman

Author: Antonio Vinci

Date: 05.04.2021

Ever since the Epstein and Weinstein scandals removed a small chunk of the sexually perverted American “elites”, yet another Western sex scandal involving minors and sex perverts in positions of power would hardly raise an eyebrow. The breaking story of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz being investigated for just such a thing has, nevertheless, reached nation-wide prominence.

Congressman Gaetz, who denies the allegations, has himself claimed to be a victim of a twenty-five million dollar blackmail plot, allegedly perpetrated by the employees of the Israeli consulate. The question is: why cash in on an alleged blackmail operation when it can be used again and again to get the desired policies from a puppet-politician?

It is possible that the release of such compromising information is retaliation against Matt Gaetz due to his failure to die down the Trumpian fake populist rhetoric. Based on Biden's presidency, the "Epstein Apparatus" has apparently decided to drop the risky strategy of implicitly appealing to European racial grievances (e.g. cracking down on "inner-city crime") in favor of explicitly appealing to non-European ones (e.g. BLM), as a means of winning electoral votes. Gaetz didn't "get with the program", and perhaps his alleged blackmailers had to make an example out of him as a way of sending a threatening message to all the other politicians they have files on: don't try it, perverts, we own you.

That still leave one question unanswered: just how many Western politicians and other influential people do they have files on? That is exactly what the Internationalist Party of Canada is setting out to investigate and resolve as part of the official INCEP platform.

Reminder: Don't be part of the problem. Your silence only creates more victims. Report hate, perverts, terrorists, and professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

This story demonstrates that, regardless of the final court verdict, the declining American empire is an integrated system of sexual perversion enabled by the regime's sexually subversive media, and direct foreign control by blackmailing as many individuals in positions of power in legal, political, corporate, academic, and media institutions as they can.