Another alleged globalist pervert apprehended

Author: Antonio Vinci

Date: 17.12.2020

News has broken today that Jean-Luc Brunel has been apprehended in France as he was about to flee the country. The widely alleged pervert was the head of the MC2 “model” agency and the right-hand acolyte of the deceased globalist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He was tasked with providing the New-York “pedocrat” with underage girls through his connections in the fashion industry, some as young as twelve years old.

Brunel was caught at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport about to board a flight to Senegal, presumably as a temporary hiding place while he prepared his further flight to Israel, where curiously his agency has an office. The company’s current website, in fact, lists the country as its sole address. Israel is known as a sex trafficking haven and a staunch opponent of collaboration with global security initiatives such as the extradition of criminals. Why does Israel refuse to extradite its sexual perverts despite their prominence? Could it be the reason why Brunel chose Israel has his haven?

According to Nomi Levenkron's statement to Washington Jewish Week, "it's easier being a sex trafficker than a plumber". Worse still, Amnesty International has claimed that Israel's sex trafficking crisis is due to the sex slaves being "illegal aliens".'s feminist piece highlights how, in Israel, sexual "exploiters are largely untouched"; in fact, it is the sex slaves that get arrested, due to their so-called illegal status. Israel is clearly in serious need of strong feminist and open-borders advocacy if its state of affairs is in such dire straits in the 21st century.

Despite the sex trafficking problems within the State of Israel, our great friends in the Jewish community of the diaspora seem to be undergoing similar problems, despite their geographic separation from the Jewish homeland. Examples that come to mind are the Chicago prostitution ring of a Synagogue cantor, the Boca Raton Rabbi who molested a 14-year-old, one of the many Jewish mobsters who ran a prostitution ring, and of course, the motherload that is the massive pedophile honeypot-blackmail network uncovered by the leak of Jeffrey Epstein's state-sponsored clandestine cell whose "client list"  (travelers on the Lolita Express)  included the names of various Western elites, including but not limited to many high-profile political figures like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew.

More curious still is the name of Brunel's business “MC2”, which references someone whose name rhymes with Epstein by pure coincidence: Albert Einstein. With the global reach of these perverts, is it not time for a global force like the UN to take up the mantle of fighting them?