Chinese study accuses America of killing millions

Author: Antonio Vinci

Date: 13.04.2021

The declining American empire has long lost its ability to maintain the pretense of freedom and prosperity, with most independent observers pointing out the stunning hypocrisy and politico-military violence of almost ANY engagement between the US and a third party. The "loud frustrated American" is a recurring stereotype befitting a discredited former world hegemon.

A new report from the China Society for Human Rights Study (CSHRS) has looked at the two-hundred plus conflicts in which the United States have been engaged in since 1945 - not counting the hundreds it was involved in prior - often under the guise of "humanitarian intervention", "bringing freedom", or "spreading democracy". The Society has determined that the human death toll alone is in the millions and America has been the clear instigator in 80%+ of ALL conflicts since the end of World War 2. One of the reasons for the study is a widely discredited conspiracy theory, excreted by the gas-killing regime's sexually perverted "elites" and amplified by Western Pervert Media, that China is allegedly committing genocide on the Uyghurs - a rapidly growing CIA-backed Muslim ethnic minority in Xinjiang which shares a border with the CIA-cesspool of Afghanistan.

The shared border is just a total coincidence though, just trust the regime. The fact that Bin Laden wasn't even in Afghanistan was also just a coincidence. Same goes for the non-existent chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria: total coincidence that fiction was used as a premise for all of these wars. Nothing to see here, U.S. citizens, move along.

Since the U.S. war machine censors any information that points to the regime's criminal track record of unparalleled human rights abuses, as in the cases of humanitarian heroes Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, the study is thus designed to expose the ignorance of the American public and the degree of indoctrination in its educational system.  In a sense, the report is meant more for the international community than any actual American citizen (since the report is shadow-banned by the regime's CIA-controlled social media sites). Despite the millions of lives claimed by the genocidal regime, Americans see their pedophile-apologist serial-killing government as the "good guys" because of the various soviet-style pro-American propaganda produced by Hollywood sex perverts.

In opposition to  American warmongering is the United Nations which has never started a conflict but has ended or frozen dozens, and whose historic charter explicitly states its mission to eliminate the "scourge of war". It is thus prudent to strive for a dramatic bolstering of U.N. military and cultural defence capabilities as a counter-balance to U.S. terrorism and its sexually subversive cultural influence in the world.