Many See USA as a Failed State

Author: Thomas Moreau

Date: 24.06.2020

US war machine is (generously) considered "in danger"

We've all known that the American empire (the West) has been in a slow decline for quite a while - that's not news to anyone serious. Now, it's time to point out the elephant in the room; the gas-killing regime can no longer fulfill the most basic functions of any state, such as law & order, free & fair elections, and the protection of human rights (not even that of its own citizens). The US death regime has reached its lowest point of legitimacy and faith in its institutions are now beyond restoring. Once upon a time, the very notion of a civil war in America was unthinkable; today, it is an inevitable part of public discourse.

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I know, it's a shocking thing to hear because the official US religion of sexual perversion & warfare capitalism dictates that we have reached the end of history, which is a tradecraft technique known as demoralization. However, this is a fundamentally unserious proposition. What every tyrannical empire has in common is that they all decline, they all pretend that their decline is impossible, and they all present nearly identical symptoms when the decline begins.

At this point, you might be thinking "that's just your opinion", so let's see who else has made similar observations:

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Still, you might be thinking "those are just news outlets, but what do credible people think?" and the answer is nearly unanimous. Chancellor Merkel of Germany believes that "Europe should brace for a reality where US is no longer a world power". The French President Macron has effectively presented France as a candidate for leadership of the free world, replacing America. The Institute of Perfection speaks in depth about this exact topic in its article about the Illusion of Choice. Frustrated pervert journalists in the West had a meltdown when President Putin merely stated the obvious: "Western Liberal Values Are On The Way Out". Mind you, I don't even believe that the death of those values are a good thing and I don't think that even Putin believes that either. However, I do believe that there are things that can be done to reverse it, but the first step is to accept the truth; there won't be any prescriptions when the doctor pretends that the patient is healthy.

The reason this is so worrisome is because authority is in the appearance of authority. What does that tell us about America's legitimacy? What does that tell us about the credibility of fringe extremist Western fake news outlets? Are there any institutions that aren't sexually perverted? Who is really in control, here? Tell us what you think: