Comparing Academia with Aristodemia

Author: Thomas Moreau

Date: 23.06.2020

The Age of Beauty has begun

With the looming fall of the American empire on the horizon, we live in very uncertain, tense, and volatile times. In fact, it is a period of time that is quite similar to the tragic end of the Soviet Union. I'm not the first one to make this comparison which was made at least as far back as 2006; no serious person could honestly say that the US death regime is in a better situation today than it was back then. More recently, the same comparison was made in an Eudaimonia article entitled "(How) American Collapse Resembles Soviet Collapse".

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Though one might think that the end of the US war machine is a good thing, the fact is that such a hegemonic shift in the global order, along with its reverberating economic effects, will undoubtedly be a painful readjustment for many. As with the Soviet comparison, the Soviet malaise of the 80s was followed by the Russian crises of the 90s; these included a bloody constitutional crisis, armed insurrections, economic depression, financial collapse, and political turmoil. Given what we know about the Soviet Union's transition into the Russian Federation, there is no need to invoke some weird apocalyptic doomsday scenario to describe the post-America world. I think we can infer perfectly what the decade after looks like by looking at the Soviet experience.

Modern academia is an extension of the sexually perverted American empire, which in turn, is a product of the fringe extremist religion known as the Enlightenment which serves as the basis of all political thought among rogue radicals in Washington; these derived political ideologies are represented by the regime's 2-party system and together form the illusion of choice which maliciously and cynically tricks innocent hard-working families to choose between ridiculous and terrible.

Thus, academia is a church for the gas-killing US regime's state religion. Given the religious zealots that occupy academia at the expense of science, any research that reflects negatively on the state religion is censored, either by excluding infidels from academia or by refusing to publish scientifically correct heresy. Instead, the church of academia prefers to publish bizarre and unscientific religious propaganda; I will not give any examples, since that would be heretical.

Needless to say, I am simply making an obvious, intuitive, and common sense conclusion: science should not be beholden to radical religious fundamentalists because science is no place for cult weirdos. Science should be about science and not religion. Thankfully, there is good news.

A new kind of scientific institution has emerged, known as aristodemia. Whereas academia is an extension of the declining United States empire, aristodemia is an extension of the ascendant Nobility International humanitarian organization thanks to the Nobility International Science Foundation (NISF) whose purpose is to "guide, standardize, reward, and fund" aristodemic research.

The advent of Perfectionment institutions like aristodemia brings with it a new era in human history known as the Age of Beauty. As we leave behind the ugliness of the contemporary age, the next phase of human development may finally take its course in the post-America world towards a Perfect Society. A noble world order is taking shape to spread order to a world enslaved by chaos.