Pervert media drops the mask

Author: Antonio Vinci

Date: 15.12.2020

We have always done our best to expose the perverts and weirdos who run the West’s so-called “mass” media": a tiny cabal of press-titutes running cover for sick, rich eccentrics. Until fairly recently this was not always a straightforward task as they kept their perversion hidden behind esoteric moralizations, obscure allusions and allegories. This year, perhaps emboldened by the success of their China-flu stratagem, they have not so much let the mask slip but threw it down and ground it into the earth with their metaphorical boot.

Netflix positions itself as the fast-food of  entertainment, the McOffal Fried King of on-demand digital feed.  It force feeds you a carefully curated smorgasbord of Hollywood misses and in-house unoriginal productions. Synapse hardening and imagination draining but otherwise standard mass-indoctrination fare. One show though has had the entire entertainment chattering classes sit up and take notice.

 As advertised, Cuties is a coming of age story, a “fish out of water” story of a young Afro-Muslim girl learning to adapt to a secular French environment, which often conflicts with the views of her conservative parents. This adaptation happens through the medium of stripping. Yes, you have read that correctly. The pre-pubescent girl joins a troupe of other equally underage girls that does very adult, sexually suggestive dances for an adult public. There are also other events in the story that are too sleazy to bear repeating.

 The global outrage of the healthy, non-perverted citizens was overwhelming. Scores wrote to cancel their subscriptions, scores more flooded Netflix with letters of outrage. One would have thought that the company would back down. After all, how frequently would the anger of a tiny group of people sway a company? Here was a tsunami of righteous indignation. Alas, Netflix doubled down.

Showing extremely young girls twerking seems to be of particular importance to Netflix, speaking volumes of their corporate morality. The pervert-press wrote scores and scores of articles in defence of Netflix, even conjuring alleged “child rape survivors” who claimed they were ok with the film. At that moment, the priorities of the “pervert media” was now obvious to all. Another terrifying question raised is - who are these parents who freely let their children shake their private areas to global child predators in exchange for money?

OSIC has begun an investigation into every single person who was in any way involved with the production of this movie, and has teamed up with Anti-Pervert Action - a decentralized network of Anti-Pervert activists which seek to "protect young impressionable girls from sexual perverts in Western institutions" - for collaboration.

A propos - while choosing the child “actors” for the movie, the producers sat through months and hundreds of child quasi-sex performances. Actions have consequences and child abuse is unforgiveable - particularly when deceptively covering it up as an "art" which only serves to normalize the behavior (i.e. to sexually groom) its audience. This is a classic case of sexual subversion.