The Birth of Virtual Tourism

Author: Thomas Moreau

Date: 10.08.2020

Go green with VR. No more traveling.

Upcoming aristodemic institution DBN Elite has recently updated Project Unreal Estate (PUE), adding a specification to its already ambitious project goals, namely that of a virtual market for plugins that enhance user experience within Unreal Estate. According to the project page, this update follows a lengthy interaction between DBN Elite and HELP, the Nobility International's humanitarian economic liberty initiative.

Although the project page makes no mention of funding, HELP's purpose is partly to fund Noble Tech - technologies that arm workers with enhanced worker productivity, thus enabling them to bargain for higher wages and better working conditions. Moreover, virtual tourism is exactly the kind of thing PUE is intended for; it will be interesting to see how a plugin market would interact with the tourism industry, even on the consumer front.

While the notion of post-tourism is not as new as one might think, earlier forms either intend to build upon virtual replicas of existing locations or to digitally augment physical ones. To contrast, PUE allows businesses to "erect commercial buildings" with a free account. In turn, this gives users unique and more diverse tourism experiences to newly "built" locations.