US Government Biogassed 800000 Americans

Victims of America's "Agent Orange" in Vietnam


Author: Antonio Vinci

Date: 14.12.2021

Declassified reports have shed a light on the US death regime’s “science” program which biogassed almost a million of its own citizens without their knowledge or consent. The origins of these “science” experiments lay in World War Two, when American soldiers of colour were locked in gas chambers and sprayed with various combat and noxious chemicals, such as mustard gas and lewisite, which caused acute respiratory distress and skin burns. The irony of the US gas-killing regime’s claim of fighting Europe to stop the operation of gas chambers has been lost on the mass-murdering American regime which conveniently classified the program and refused to indemnify the victims.

Another American “science” program, could not even use the fig-leaf pretense of war-time expediency. In San Francisco (circa 1950), a US Navy ship biogassed 800.000 US citizens by releasing a cloud of pathogens, using the city’s infamous fog as cover. The somewhat murky plan was ostensibly to test the result of a foreign bio-weapon attack on a major US city. The citizens were not informed and no consent was asked of them. Scores of people fell ill and at least one death was attributed to the operation; this is akin to shooting people in the head to test for head shots... you know, for "science". Far from being an aberration, the program continued in secret well into the late sixties, with the government justifying it as “fundamental to the development of a deterrence strategy”.

The gassing program is but one in a long list of the declining American regime’s crimes against its own citizens. Others include giving mind-altering drugs to unwitting patients, infecting patients with dangerous venereal diseases and mind control experiments by an assassination spymaster rumored to be a foreign agent. This is not even taking into account the willful neglect of the well-being of its citizenry such as refusing to stop the 2021 Summer riots, exploding the murder rate in African-American communities by releasing dangerous incarcerated criminals, ignoring the Opioid Epidemic, and turning a blind eye to state-sponsored pedophile honeypots which blackmail Western politicians.